Your Paperless Office

TBS offers a wide variety of document solutions that help eliminate paper storage, streamline business processes and manage documents in an effective, easy to use manner.

Streamline document intensive processes – Replace your inefficient, paper based document processes with a streamlined, automated digital process customized for your business. AP invoices require approval? HR paper processes bogging you down? TBS has a solution for you.

Simplify storage, security and management of information – Give your employees a streamlined experience for accessing documents and company information. Our Document Management solutions allow you to simplify and secure access to your files from a single location. No more cluttered folder structure to manage and maintain.

Access documents from any application – With TBS suite of products, accessing documents and information is as simple as pointing and clicking. Any application is now content enabled when utilizing our suite of products. Business users can quickly access critical documents to make informed decisions regardless of the application they are running.

Deduplicate data – Most businesses have at least 2-3 redundant copies of 80-90% of the documents stored in their systems. Our offerings allow businesses to consolidate and remove this redundant data, giving users a single point of access while simultaneously reducing server hardware requirements and storage overhead. This has a tremendous impact on overall technology spend both short term and long term.